Why LED lighting?

  1. LED lighting is highly efficient, long lasting, environmentally friendly and inherently controllable.
  2. Already LED based lighting solutions illuminate famous buildings, bridges, retail shops, television studios, movie theatres, concert stages, hotels, hospitals and night clubs around the world.
  3. Previously homes were illuminated by incandescent light. Only 10% of the energy that goes into an incandescent bulb is used to make light there for not very energy efficient.

What are the Advantages of LED's?Philips LED Lighting

  • High-levels of brightness and intensity
  • High efficiency
  • Low Voltage and current requirements
  • Low radiated heat
  • High reliability (resistant to shock and vibration)
  • No UV Rays
  • Long life source
  • Can be easily controlled and programmed


Over the past decade, LED based technology has advanced at an amazing pace, and thanks to considerable research and investment by companies like Philips, manufacturing methods and technology have improved dramatically.

LED lighting solutions are gaining popularity because they are extremely energy efficient - cutting energy costs by unto 50% - and have a very long life, thus virtually eliminating the sort of maintenance and replacement required by traditional lighting.

At iintegrate Technology we have embraced LED lighting as a part of a total solution. With the rising cost of electricity this is one way we can help you save. Why not contact us today to find out what iintegrate Technology can do for you.

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