Philips Dynalite

PDyn The George Apartments 1Philips Dynalite is synonymous with the creation of sophisticated, simple, reliable and energy-efficient lighting control solutions for a wide range of industry sectors, including residential, custom installation, offices, retail, hospitality and public spaces. An industry leading innovator for over 20 years, Philips Dynalite is the solution of choice for a wide range of ‘smart home’, energy management and architectural lighting control applications. Philips Dynalite solutions blend high-level functionality with dramatic aesthetic sustainability to enable and enhance our lives.

End-to-End Lighting

Philips Dynalite specialises in the provision of end-to-end intelligent lighting control systems, rather than just products. We know that the critical link between products like lamps, luminaires and LEDs and a fully integrated solutions environment, is the control capability. Lighting control infrastructure underpins the fully integrated environment that is the future of building and energy management systems worldwide. When combined with the broad selection of Philips Lighting’s energy-efficient luminaires, Philips Dynalite lighting control systems allow users to create ambiances, develop innovative and distinctive lighting scenes and transform environments.


We are a Philips Dimension DealerPDyn The George Apartments 9

Dimension is a network of dealers that are experts in their field. They have the knowledge and skills to integrate a world of technologies, including lighting control, security, home cinema, multi-room audio, HVAC, motorised curtains and blinds, irrigation systems and more, using a versatile Philips Dynalite control system as the backbone of the network.

A Dimension dealer is a single contact that you can rely on for all your automation needs. They take the pressure off implementing smart installations by offering project management from beginning to end.

A Dimension dealer offers you advice on the best systems available for your individual needs; they will design your system, install it, integrate all the technologies, programme it to work seamlessly, and after the projects complete will provide you with on-going support.

Whether you are building or renovating a home, a designer, architect, builder, project manager or electrical contractor, a Philips Dynalite Dimension dealer can offer you solutions that can enhance the design and functionality of your next project.


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Key Users


Our lighting control systems allow building owners to create inviting and highly functional office environments – ones that stimulate productivity and optimise energy use, while permitting users to tailor work areas to specific tasks and accommodate future layout and occupancy changes.


Shop owners, store operators and retail centre management need to be able to tailor eye-catching lighting schemes to individual retail zones, products, store events and themed days, maximise customer engagement and enrich the overall shopping experience. This is made simple with our advanced lighting control solutions, which have energy management functionality built-in, making the much sought-after ‘green store’ an achievable reality.


Lighting plays a key role in optimising guest comfort and stakeholder returns, creating workable and inviting ambiances in front-of-house, public and functional spaces and building brand differentiation in hotels all over the world.

Public Spaces:
Multipurpose event centres, stadiums and places of worship.

Environments such as public spaces, multipurpose event centres, stadiums and places of worship, require specialised lighting control solutions. Our solutions allow designers to create and implement attractive and engaging environments with optimised levels of comfort and safety, enhancing the public’s sense of wellbeing.

Smart Home:

Clever lighting control solutions allow developers, designers and homeowners to express individual personality and style and create atmospheres tailored to function, mood or occasion – all in an easy-to-use and cost-effective sustainable way